Monday, April 20, 2009


I will be posting more about the trip when I have a bit more time...especially the ride to PCB in which I was coerced by one Mrs. Sonya Whitmer to bring her hubby, Mr. George Whitmer down with me.....WOW what a ride!!!! LOL....LOL

and then the ride home....the AWFUL weather, driving in the pitch black, just me and my 11:00 at night WHEN THE STORMS WERE HITTING!!!!

Check back.....hopefully will be posted soon.....

We are DONE for the season!!!!!!!!!

So we went to Panama City Beach to UCA Nationals held on the beach at the Edgewater Resort this past weekend....not a bad way to finish off a season of cheer considering they actually put the stage up on the beach and you get to sit out in the sand with your cooler and watch cheering all day. However, I have found that the mojito is now my new favorite drink! The girls finished off their season with yet another FIRST PLACE WIN!!! GO UBP!!!

My sister, Mother and nephews went down with us and all had a great time! Brodie and Blayd are so funny to watch! They do the funniest things these days!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

International All-Level Championships

This weekend we went to Atlanta for the International All-Level Championships which our girls got a bid to...see a prior post about this....and they came in 2nd!!! Now they will be judged by an international panel against tons of other squads (the top 3 in each category were submitted) and the results from that will come out in early May, the 5th, I believe. I will keep you posted and keep your fingers crossed! Congrats, girls, you did a great job!!!!!

Peyton, Hailee, Shelby, Kiley & Kendall waiting on awards!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Crazy folks GO AWAY!!!!

Ok, so seriously, are the planets in some sort of cosmic alignment that I am not aware of right now because this week has been one of the strangest weeks EVA!!! I am telling you what, the Gods are laughing their asses off at us and having a good ole time whilst almost every single phone call, e-mail, meeting or any sort of interaction with clients ended with a strange look and the phrase "WTF" either leaving my mouth or going through my mind!!! I have seriously considered offing myself with my staple puller no less that three times this week!!!
People have called non-stop for 5 days now, all thinking they are our only clients; ummm, no, sir, in fact we have hundreds of clients and you are NOT the only person that thinks they need something RIGHT NOW!!! Ashley Upstairs (the other partner's secretary...I call her Ashley Upstairs b/c she is named Ashley and is in fact upstairs) even had a woman call in and want us to "take legal action" against some chic for "trying to turn her daughter gay"....ummm, sure thing, lady, we're right on top of that....Excuse, me, Judge, yes, well you see the fact of the matter is that this girl is trying to turn this woman's daughter into a lesbo....needless to say this is NOT a new case we opted to pick up. Have even had some Russian guy come in, drop off a letter and then give me a full bow before turning and exiting the premises...I mean really now, what do you do with that??? Bow back, say thanks...throw up a peace sign....
Even as I am attempting to type this I just had to pick up the phone and speak with a woman that I guarandamntee you I have spoken to at the very least 15 times this week....and no, she does not need anything that is of the caliber or urgency that would warrant even 15 phone calls in one month...every time I see her number pop up on the caller i.d. I just want to run away!!!
If next week starts out the same way....I am relocating to Costa Rica....I'll open up a "satellite office" there!!!! :)

The Sassy-Peppers

WELCOME to the Blogosphere, Christie -poo & Dansas!!!

My Cousin Christie and her boyfriend Danny have decided to join the rest of us in the wonderful world of blogging!!! Hoefully, they will be a bit better about updating than me!!!! :)

(BTW - "Sassy-Pepper"= Sasser+Culpepper, their last names)

Check it out.....