Monday, October 27, 2008

Another great costume.....

My Sister & Douglas..........Risky Business........

Don't you just love the Halloween season?

Halloween is GREAT. It is so much fun for the kiddies to get dressed up and trick or treat and all and the fun parties and such....but it is also a tremendous amount of fun and laughs to see the adults as well. This is the first in what I am sure will be several posts of costumes and Halloween fun.

Behold, Captain America, also known as Danny Sasser, my cousin Christie's boyfriend....I just LOVE this!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Noah Blake

I just HAD to post this cute is he?!?!? Noah Blake, Jill & Bobby's little boy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Help the Hooch

This past Saturday we went to Idle Hour Park/Moon Lake for "Help the Hooch"....Peyton is the leader of Lakewood Elementary School's Community Problem Solving Team (CmPS) and they have over the past year really done so much to get all but one of the Phenix City Schools to implement recycling programs. They have gotten the city government on board by getting them to pick up the recyclables 2 or 3 times a week from each school and they have gotten many, many local businesses involved as well. Well, Saturday, the Mayor issued a proclamation to Peyton and her group for "America Recycles Day in Phenix City, Alabama"(or something really close along the lines of that) and Peyton gave a short speech about all they have done and what they will continue to do. They have successfully gotten kiosks put up at Moon Lake and the Roy Martin Center and the Phenix City Amphitheater for people to put their plastic bottles in to recycle.

After this we cleaned up the would be AMAZED at the things you can find if you can make it past the attack Geese and all their feathers and pooh.....

Mother even managed to accidentally catch a teeny tiny fish in a plastic bag she pulled out of the water and this little girl behind us kept saying "daddy, daddy, I found another balloon" needless to say they were NOT balloons if you catch my drift....oh what surprises there were at the park!!! I found a cell phone in the bushes that had been suspiciously severed in to pieces in strange ways and the sim card location was all jacked looked REALLY fishy to me and seems as if it was disposed of in this way on purpose....I managed to refrain from alerting the local FBI office to this find of mind.....I watch WAAAYYYY TOOO much CSI and the like!!! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did I NOT get the memo???

I mean there something going on in the bi-city area that I am not aware of in relation to the bicycle and any variation thereof??? Okay, so if you do not remember my previous post about the sighting of the penny-farthing riding around downtown Columbus then please see it now a few posts down before reading any further here.

Seriously, I am either unaware of something or people are just getting a tad bit odd these days, but I suppose the astronomical gas prices can do this to anyone.... not only was I blessed with the aforementioned penny farthing sighting, but today I see a man riding around downtown Columbus on a UNICYCLE!!!!!!

Yes, my friend, you read that correctly, I said a UNICYCLE!!! As is one tire, not two!!! I mean, did C-town suddenly become the headquarters for Ringling, Barnum & Bailey's recruiting??? Do you know how strange it is to be just cruising along in your vehicle on a path you take everyday and have strange sightings such as these??? It really throws you for a loop.....

Goodbye to Blue

My sister and brother-in-law's beloved dog, BLUE, passed away this weekend......he was the best dog ever and very much a part of the family!

Click here to read her blog about him and see his picture

Goodbye, Blue...we love you!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just because.....

I am wearing black slacks and heels and a red shirt today does not mean that I am playing the role of a Georgia Bulldogs fan today. Persons who will remain nameless in my office today have felt the need to say "oohhh, nice GA outfit" whilst attempting to give me the "high-5" and stating a "Go Dawgs" EVERY SINGLE TIME that we encounter.....needless to say I just smile and in my kindest voice I ask them with a faux puzzled look on my face to please remind who exactly it was that won the GA-Alabama came because I just can't seem to recall as I bid them a smile and a hearty "Roll Tide" and go on my merry way!

NOTE TO SELF: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear said Georgia-esqe outfit again during football season AGAIN unless, of course, I am in fact playing the role of a Georgia fan that day!