Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a BABY!!!!!

Ashley was kind enough to let me go to the ultrasound with her this morning and I got to see the Bambino moving all around, personally, I think he/she was playing a very intense game of kickball in there, but nonetheless I got to see the babe in action AND hear the heartbeat..sooo amazing.  Thanks, El Guapo!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Shelby Kite is HOME PEOPLE!!!!!

Praise the tuxedo wearing Baby Jesus that Shelby is home now!!!  Bless her and her Mother's hearts for all the trauma and the looong hospital stay.  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts a prayers!!!! We love you, Shelby and pray that you have a swift and comfortable recovery!!!!!   

CAN I GET A........


Little art, craft fair thing down on Broadway Saturday.....

We went to this little Arts & Crafts thing down on Broad in Sat and Peyton & Her friend Heather took pics in all those misc, random really weird sculptures downtown....also went into SISTA WIGS but the wouldn't let us take pic with the wigs on....WTH????  There were some really great artists there and wonderful pieces.  Not at the wig shop, but at the exhibition...lol

Peyton & Heather in one of the sculptures....

With the horse advertising Steeple Chase

Hanging on that big chair thing sculpture...lol

Friday, October 16, 2009


Seriously......no really......seriously now?!?!?!?!


What a travesty....our child hood toys and wonderful things are totally being turned to CRAP!!!!

We WILL not support this change....I smell a boycott coming on.....
NOTE: Thank you, Sister for sharing this horrific news with me!!!!

Please send up a little prayer......

Miss Shelby

for Miss Shelby Kite....she cheers with Peyton and has for many, many years.  This past week, Shelby fell while tumbling and pretty much obliterated her leg....I don't want to get the details messed up but there is a shattered bone, I think her knee is completely shattered as well, I know there were breaks in 3 separate places and it's just AWFUL!!! Such a HORRIFIC thing for a 13 year old girl to go through.  I know she must be terrified.  I will post an update as soon as I hear from her mother!!!!  LOVE YOU SHELBY!!!! 
UPDATE:  Shelby gets to go home today(Mon. 10/19/09)...yay...I know she must be SO OVER that hospital and her Mama too, well, I know MK is...lol ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just because Betty White ROCKS!!!!

Charleston, SC

Okay, so I have been going to Charleston here and there lately to see Terry and it is the longest most boring drive EVER. However, Charleston is absolutely beautiful and well worth the trip. So much history and so many really neat shops & boutiques to browse and buy!!!! So fun! However, there is this bridge that is craziness....I am going to post a pic of the bridge someone else took and then the pics I took while driving across it...I know...super safe, right?!?!
All in all I think I like Charleston...it's a pretty cool place, if you have never been you should most definitely go!!!

Me & The Citadel Dog.....this thing is HUGE....should have seen
me trying to hoist myself up on there....yep, the people in the traffic around were laughing non-stop.....go figure.....lol

Said bridge at night....it IS really pretty........

Pictures that I took while driving over said bridge.....

Prolly not the most brilliant idea to take pictures over your head whilst driving across a bridge,
it was just really neat looking I thought.....


I figured since I haven't been posting I should update with some random, fun pictures....I'll start with some of Peyton...she is growing, growing, growing...not our little girl anymore......::sniffs::

Peyton & her friend Heather trying on costumes @ the Spirit Halloween Store....::giggles::

Peyton's on a boat....with her flippie floppies....

Peyton looking all sassy.....

Speaking of Ashley....

This is HILARIOUS!!! Ash & I refer to the expected unborn Webb child as "the bambino" and Peyton asked me the other day..."Is Ash naming the baby "Bambino"???"
LMAO....I was like....ummmm, no, honey, "bambino" is Spanish for baby...
I thought that was just too funny not to share!!!

Welcom to the blogosphere....

One of my dear friends, Ashley has finally decided to join the wonderful world of blogging!!!! YAY! Maybe she will keep up with it a tad bit better than I do!!!! ::giggles::
BTW...she is expecting!!! That's right....we are getting a lil bambino soon!!!! I am so excited!!!