Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paint a pretty picture....

Painting fun with Brodie & Blayd

Brodie paints his superhero pictures....

Blayder paints

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Hey Little Sister, what have you done...."

Love, love, LOVE 80's music and totally appreciating the all 80's station on Pandora Radio today!!!
"She's a maniac, maaaaaannnniiiiiaaaaccccc on the floor"

Sunday, January 16, 2011's good for the well as entertaining!!! :)

Like I have said before, I am WELL AWARE that my sense of humor and curiosity are not that of most people and I am okay with that.  I totally agree with a statement my Sister made the other day as it applies to me as well that "I find things funny that I shouldn't" :)  We have very dry, slightly sick and sadistic senses of humor.  Now, I read a lot and read a variety of info from many different places such as books, magazines, almanacs, newspapers, websites and even the little religous pamphlets folks knock on your door and leave...why?  Because it is interesting to me and you can find hilarity in anything you just have to be open to it!! One of my favorite sections of the newspaper, any newspaper for that matter, is the classifieds.  The classifieds you ask? Yep, you would NOT believe the things people want to sell, how much they want for them, their descriptions of property, items, etc... the "services" people sell....and some of my personal faves the "in rememberance" photos and poems, etc!  (I know, not
With that said, I have come across a new love in my reading endeavors that might actually rival with my absolute love of Wikipedia.... this contender would be none other than the Internet advertising/trading site of CRAIGSLIST!!!!!!!! This awesome site is jammed packed with a veritable wealth of information from local sports memorabilia for sale to a charming little section called "rants & raves" where people can anonymously make posts to "rant" or "rave" about ANYTHING!  If I do not have your curiosity stirring yet, this little gem will definitely do it....there is also a section called "missed connections" in which, amazingly to me, people post things such as "I saw you walking down the spice aisle at the Pig Tuesday evening around 7 pm.  You smiled at me as I grabbed the paprika! E-mail me with the color shirt I was wearing in the subject line....let's get coffee or chat." YES, VIRGINIA, I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!  I have stumbled upon a plethora of reading entertainment that is, lucky for us, replenished 24 hours a day!!!! I'm telling you, I spent no less than an hour and a half last night skimming through all these wondrous posts!!  I have found that someone thought they saw their soul mate in a bag boy at the Publix, the going rate for a king-size headboard is about $150.00 and you can hire anyone from an attorney to a dog sitter ALL ON THE SAME SITE!!! Thank you, Mr. Craiglist Inventor, Thank. You.

Friday, January 14, 2011




What does your funny face look like???

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I see a little "REVAMP" in our future....

Okay, so I was looking at my Sister's Blog this morning, as well as some others that I read regularly like Ashley's & Beth's, and I have decided (I think) that we need a little shake up over here on my blog!! Time for some new color, layout, etc.... So, with that said, please bear with me as I do this as things may not be quite "normal" for a few days as I attempt to kick things up a bit.  I felt I should put something up to make you aware of the work in progress.....

HOWEVER...this is more what it is like in reality!!!  :)

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So C-O-L-D...

I have ALWAYS been a fan of cool to cold weather...I love the crispness of the cold air and there is just something really "clean" about it to me....I have many, many things I refer to as "clean" lol I am weird, I know...things like the smell of water from a hose pipe, the taste of lettuce, etc...don't ask, I don't know why...these things simply have something "clean" about them to me... :) HOWEVER it is becoming rather BRUTAL outside around here lately!  We are not severe cold weather people down here in the Deep South!  I am beginning to wonder if we will ever thaw says the low tonight is something totally absurd like 19 degrees. 
1-9 freaking degrees....Springtime come and SAVE us PLEASE!!!!!!!
This should NEVER happen way down here in Alabama let alone AS MANY times as
it has this season already!!!

Wishing we were looking at something more like that!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice/Snow Day 2011

Yes, so the slightest bit of snow and/or ice almost completely shuts the cities down around one is prepared for things like this here in the deep south!  It's COLD, slushy, icy and icky to boot!!! Everything around our house is encased in a layer of looks pretty neat on the trees and plants but I am not sure they feel the same way about it :)

And of course Terry just HAD to try out the old tongue to pole theory on the flag poles in the graveyard next door, which by the way all 3 flags are FROZEN in place hanging
It works....sort said it stuck just a little bit lol, thank the lord it was ONLY a little bit I would have had to go get some hot water if not ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Future RoCk St@rZ maybe????

Brodie made Peyton dress up with him
and put on a concert...playing guitar & accordian LOL!!!

Note the ensembles lol, sunglasses, hard hat, clip on tie, fuzzy house shoe


What's In Ned's Head??????

We (Terry, Peyton & myself) were invited by one Mr. Brodie Mann to come and play What's In Ned's Head today.  B called me this afternoon after hockey practice and said "This is Brodie Mann...will YOU and PEYTON and TERRY come to my house and play Ned's Head?" I replied, "yes, honey, we will when do we need to come" he says "5 more minutes...BYE" LOL he gave us so much time to get there lol.  If you have never been introduced to Ned's Head let me tell is interesting at best!! You stick your hands into this over sized cloth head by way of holes in his ears and mouth....nice, I know...what makes this experience even better is the fact that you draw cards to see what you need to "find" in Ned's Head and it is things like a used q-tip to find Ned's earwax, his brain, a stinky gym sock, bird poop with a worm in it...YES, you read that correctly... :)

B found the earwax or as he called it the "chicken bone" :)
I have never played a game like this and though some of the items were a tad gross I though, we had a blast playing it with Brodie!  Blayd came by every now and then and just jammed his hand in  a hole and pulled random things out lol, I think my favorite thing in Ned's Head was the alien visitor!  He looked just like the aliens they portray in all the Roswell documentaries and such with the weird shaped head and eyes.
Fun was had by all and after a game of football in the backyard we ended our fun visit and headed to the house.  Thanks for inviting us over, Brodie!!!!
Terry & B's turn to find out what was in Ned's Head

Friday, January 7, 2011

I walked in the living room and noticed something wrong with our shutters...

My nephew, Blayd, who is FEARLESS by the way, is on top of the back of the couch shutting himself or shall I say trying to shut himself up in the shutters :)

Just because....

I am well aware of the fact that my sense of humor is slightly okay well extremely different from most people's....however, I do NOT see how this lovely song would not appeal to the masses ( it is one of my faves, I watch it every now and again)

Enjoy, need to thank me...  :)  :)  :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Uncle Taco!!!

Baby it's cold.....inside???

So yes, it IS a nice balmy 37-ish outside this morning...COLD for us but still tolerable!! As I was getting my school books out of the living room this morning (to do a little homework during my downtime at work) I happened upon this sight:

Now look CLOSELY in the middle of the pic....that is TREVOR, our miniature dachshund...LOL... from the looks of it you'd think there was an arctic blast screaming through our house!!! He pulled the throw blanket off the back of the chair then burrowed under it and the pillows....rotten to say the least lol and what a life, eh???  I said to him "Trevor, what are you doing" (why? I have no clue....I do this frequently and then look at him like I expect him to actually answer me or something, knowing full well if her ever went "well, Jennifer, I am trying to keep warm in your cold-ass house" that I would totally freak *giggles*) and he just barely lifted his head, looked at me, wagged his tail a sec then covered back he has the right idea, wish I could stay buried under the pillows and blankets somedays.... *smiles*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yes, we were BURGLED!!!

Let me start by saying, I just really wanted to say "burgled" it's just one of "those" words that is fun to say. :)
With that said, I am in no way, shape or form trying to make fun of or minimize what happened yesterday, just so you know!  We. Were. Robbed.  YES - someone who WAS SO NOT supposed to be in OUR house was in makes me feel extremely creepy and uneasy to know that someone was lurking about and rummaging through OUR stuff and all up in OUR space!!! The only thing taken was the Wii (which the joke is on said burglar due to the fact that said Wii does not work *sinisterly snickers*) which we are truely thankful for but "things" are replaceable, you know?!?! Mother & the boys, B&b drove up and we are assuming said burglar ran off when he/she heard the truck because the front door was open when they had kicked in the back door to enter. I am just so glad that no one was hurt, everyone is OK and we can move on!!!  I won't lie makes me weird still and I get a creepy feeling but I know/hope this will pass soon enough.
(and yes, this is the Reader's Digest version of what happened... :)) 

New Year, Still the bad

Yes, Yes, I KNOW I said I was going to be a better blogger and here it is the 5th and I STILL haven't even posted the first "Happy New Year" or ANYTHING!!!

Mother & Peyton left the Thursday before New Years and went to Marietta to spend some time with our Aunt Lynnie & Uncle Gare so Terry & I were left to our own devices for any New Years festivities.  My friend Ashley called and asked us to come over and watch the UGA game, grill out and shoot some fireworks for New Years so that is exactly what we did!  I am not a UGA fan at all so their loss did not make me cry at all  - sorry to my UGA pals :) -  we had a good time with good friends and PTL no one was injured when the guys were shooting ( I called it "playing with" lol) the fireworks. 

Lesson Learned on New Years Eve:  EXTREMELY DRY GRASS AND FIREWORKS DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO TOGETHER!!!! (just ask Marc...tee hee)

   Tim & Ashley now have a VERY LARGE black circle in the backyard!!!