Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's In Ned's Head??????

We (Terry, Peyton & myself) were invited by one Mr. Brodie Mann to come and play What's In Ned's Head today.  B called me this afternoon after hockey practice and said "This is Brodie Mann...will YOU and PEYTON and TERRY come to my house and play Ned's Head?" I replied, "yes, honey, we will when do we need to come" he says "5 more minutes...BYE" LOL he gave us so much time to get there lol.  If you have never been introduced to Ned's Head let me tell is interesting at best!! You stick your hands into this over sized cloth head by way of holes in his ears and mouth....nice, I know...what makes this experience even better is the fact that you draw cards to see what you need to "find" in Ned's Head and it is things like a used q-tip to find Ned's earwax, his brain, a stinky gym sock, bird poop with a worm in it...YES, you read that correctly... :)

B found the earwax or as he called it the "chicken bone" :)
I have never played a game like this and though some of the items were a tad gross I though, we had a blast playing it with Brodie!  Blayd came by every now and then and just jammed his hand in  a hole and pulled random things out lol, I think my favorite thing in Ned's Head was the alien visitor!  He looked just like the aliens they portray in all the Roswell documentaries and such with the weird shaped head and eyes.
Fun was had by all and after a game of football in the backyard we ended our fun visit and headed to the house.  Thanks for inviting us over, Brodie!!!!
Terry & B's turn to find out what was in Ned's Head

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