Sunday, January 16, 2011's good for the well as entertaining!!! :)

Like I have said before, I am WELL AWARE that my sense of humor and curiosity are not that of most people and I am okay with that.  I totally agree with a statement my Sister made the other day as it applies to me as well that "I find things funny that I shouldn't" :)  We have very dry, slightly sick and sadistic senses of humor.  Now, I read a lot and read a variety of info from many different places such as books, magazines, almanacs, newspapers, websites and even the little religous pamphlets folks knock on your door and leave...why?  Because it is interesting to me and you can find hilarity in anything you just have to be open to it!! One of my favorite sections of the newspaper, any newspaper for that matter, is the classifieds.  The classifieds you ask? Yep, you would NOT believe the things people want to sell, how much they want for them, their descriptions of property, items, etc... the "services" people sell....and some of my personal faves the "in rememberance" photos and poems, etc!  (I know, not
With that said, I have come across a new love in my reading endeavors that might actually rival with my absolute love of Wikipedia.... this contender would be none other than the Internet advertising/trading site of CRAIGSLIST!!!!!!!! This awesome site is jammed packed with a veritable wealth of information from local sports memorabilia for sale to a charming little section called "rants & raves" where people can anonymously make posts to "rant" or "rave" about ANYTHING!  If I do not have your curiosity stirring yet, this little gem will definitely do it....there is also a section called "missed connections" in which, amazingly to me, people post things such as "I saw you walking down the spice aisle at the Pig Tuesday evening around 7 pm.  You smiled at me as I grabbed the paprika! E-mail me with the color shirt I was wearing in the subject line....let's get coffee or chat." YES, VIRGINIA, I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!  I have stumbled upon a plethora of reading entertainment that is, lucky for us, replenished 24 hours a day!!!! I'm telling you, I spent no less than an hour and a half last night skimming through all these wondrous posts!!  I have found that someone thought they saw their soul mate in a bag boy at the Publix, the going rate for a king-size headboard is about $150.00 and you can hire anyone from an attorney to a dog sitter ALL ON THE SAME SITE!!! Thank you, Mr. Craiglist Inventor, Thank. You.


Kerri said...

Glad you blogged about it!

btw, your "versatile" blog has been "awarded" here:


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing this treasure;) Yet one more thing to be addicted to lol but seriously people NEVER cease to amaze me!!

Beth said...

I'm going to remember to log on Craigslist next time I'm bored at work. Thanks for the tip!