Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So C-O-L-D...

I have ALWAYS been a fan of cool to cold weather...I love the crispness of the cold air and there is just something really "clean" about it to me....I have many, many things I refer to as "clean" lol I am weird, I know...things like the smell of water from a hose pipe, the taste of lettuce, etc...don't ask, I don't know why...these things simply have something "clean" about them to me... :) HOWEVER it is becoming rather BRUTAL outside around here lately!  We are not severe cold weather people down here in the Deep South!  I am beginning to wonder if we will ever thaw says the low tonight is something totally absurd like 19 degrees. 
1-9 freaking degrees....Springtime come and SAVE us PLEASE!!!!!!!
This should NEVER happen way down here in Alabama let alone AS MANY times as
it has this season already!!!

Wishing we were looking at something more like that!!!!!


Ashley said...

It is truly becoming completely absurd!!!!!

Beth said...

Agreed! I enjoy a break from our long, hot summers, but I'm not cut out for this BRUTALLY cold business. I'd like to get back to the 50's and 60's again soon!