Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yes, we were BURGLED!!!

Let me start by saying, I just really wanted to say "burgled" it's just one of "those" words that is fun to say. :)
With that said, I am in no way, shape or form trying to make fun of or minimize what happened yesterday, just so you know!  We. Were. Robbed.  YES - someone who WAS SO NOT supposed to be in OUR house was in makes me feel extremely creepy and uneasy to know that someone was lurking about and rummaging through OUR stuff and all up in OUR space!!! The only thing taken was the Wii (which the joke is on said burglar due to the fact that said Wii does not work *sinisterly snickers*) which we are truely thankful for but "things" are replaceable, you know?!?! Mother & the boys, B&b drove up and we are assuming said burglar ran off when he/she heard the truck because the front door was open when they had kicked in the back door to enter. I am just so glad that no one was hurt, everyone is OK and we can move on!!!  I won't lie makes me weird still and I get a creepy feeling but I know/hope this will pass soon enough.
(and yes, this is the Reader's Digest version of what happened... :)) 


Beth said...

No way! That sucks! (Can we use that word on this blog?) I am so glad it wasn't worse, but am with you that it would make me feel creepy and angry. Hope they are happy with their stolen goods.

Kerri said...

PRAISE GOD!! I was totally freaked out all night and poor B had nightmares!! Hope P settles down.

Jennifer said...

Everyone has pretty much settled down now. It WAS creepy to say the least... and Beth, yes, we allow the word(s) suck/suck(s) on this blog LOL :)