Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby it's cold.....inside???

So yes, it IS a nice balmy 37-ish outside this morning...COLD for us but still tolerable!! As I was getting my school books out of the living room this morning (to do a little homework during my downtime at work) I happened upon this sight:

Now look CLOSELY in the middle of the pic....that is TREVOR, our miniature dachshund...LOL... from the looks of it you'd think there was an arctic blast screaming through our house!!! He pulled the throw blanket off the back of the chair then burrowed under it and the pillows....rotten to say the least lol and what a life, eh???  I said to him "Trevor, what are you doing" (why? I have no clue....I do this frequently and then look at him like I expect him to actually answer me or something, knowing full well if her ever went "well, Jennifer, I am trying to keep warm in your cold-ass house" that I would totally freak *giggles*) and he just barely lifted his head, looked at me, wagged his tail a sec then covered back he has the right idea, wish I could stay buried under the pillows and blankets somedays.... *smiles*


Kerri said...

Trevor KILLS me at pulling the blankets down to build his "nest". I would love to see him in the race at the Civic Center this weekend...he'd be the only one dragging a blanket out on the ice!

Jennifer said...

LOL.. I know right??!!?!? We should SO take him and let him race...he would just stand there and look at us like WTH are we doing here? *giggles*