Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, Still the bad

Yes, Yes, I KNOW I said I was going to be a better blogger and here it is the 5th and I STILL haven't even posted the first "Happy New Year" or ANYTHING!!!

Mother & Peyton left the Thursday before New Years and went to Marietta to spend some time with our Aunt Lynnie & Uncle Gare so Terry & I were left to our own devices for any New Years festivities.  My friend Ashley called and asked us to come over and watch the UGA game, grill out and shoot some fireworks for New Years so that is exactly what we did!  I am not a UGA fan at all so their loss did not make me cry at all  - sorry to my UGA pals :) -  we had a good time with good friends and PTL no one was injured when the guys were shooting ( I called it "playing with" lol) the fireworks. 

Lesson Learned on New Years Eve:  EXTREMELY DRY GRASS AND FIREWORKS DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO TOGETHER!!!! (just ask Marc...tee hee)

   Tim & Ashley now have a VERY LARGE black circle in the backyard!!!


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Ashley said...

Good times with good peeps ;)